Article II Range

Article II Range has been set up by the Lombard Rod and Gun Club, which is a group of local citizens. The purpose of Article II is to provide an outdoor range for all firearms owners in Illinois who are being denied their right to practice at indoor ranges. Most Illinois gun owners are not aware that there is NO indoor handgun range where they can shoot! Article II meets that need perfectly!!

The range has become one of the most successful ranges around. During that time it has seen over 5,000 visitors! The range is open seven days a week with an average of 20-30 people per day on non-summer weekends and about 10 on weekdays. This activity sports all sorts of folks from every walk of life who come to enjoy their gun rights as guaranteed by both state AND federal law. Daytime visitors are predominantly male (80%) while nighttime weekend visitors show a much more even gender distribution. Many youth groups have visited after school hours for supervised shooting under adult supervision; some stay well into the evening when they can shoot unsupervised at adult night rates.

In the summertime all youth groups (Boy Scouts, American Legion posts) and similar organizations are offered a special discounted rate for after- hours shooting when supervised by parents or adult leaders. The range is widely used by local law enforcement officers as well as those from other jurisdictions throughout Illinois including Cook County, DuPage County and Lake County Sheriff personnel.

The range has hosted several State Legislative Days where state legislators of both parties have come to meet with their constituents on weekends at no charge so that they can get out of the Chicago heat and away from the pressures of Chicago politics to see how firearms owners feel about pending legislation affecting them directly.


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